Pastor Dave Speaks Out
The Truth about Love


I work hard and still have a long way to go to introduce free energy, so in the mean while I am going to treat myself better and call in love from the Universe.

This is a song I sang to honor the intention of love.  I think you will enjoy the pictures, maybe the song too, especially if you have ever had a secret love.

Unchained Melody

Here I sing the theme from Ghost, but instead of singing in the style of Bill Medley, the falsetto high voiced Righteous Bros. singer,  I try to capture the range of both Righteous Bros. in my own style. Maybe not as pretty as the original but challenging anyway.

Pretty Woman

I do a show where I capture the sound of histories famous singers.  This is me doing Roy Orbison's "Pretty Woman".

She's A Lady

Trying to capture the sound of histories greatest singers, here I sing Tom Jones' signature song"She's A Lady", with a few changes of my own.
Walk On!

I know someone who is sad tonight. I dedicate this song that I sang for encouragement. Your future is so bright you will have to wear sunglasses!

Ebb Tide

Righteous Brothers song that I sang with a lot of range in it. Pretty poetic words.

If  You Can Dream

I could always sound like different famous people but I was never into Elvis, there is an obscure song of his that reflected world improvement lyrics which I do like...  I'll sing it for ya' here.

The Letter

Pastor Dave singing live: The Letter recorded on a camera in the audience.  In the first picture, Pastor Dave donated a guitar to "Tweed", one of Austin's well known street musicians.

His Love Is Strong

It is said that in the original Hebrew Elohim the word for God was not He but him and her.  Nonetheless in the name of God of hope, cures for disease and Free Energy I have recorded in the tradition of saying His Love is Strong, because when doing music it doesnt quite roll off the tongue to say His and Her or It's Love is Strong. This way we can bring all the old timers into the evo revo solution with a traditional vehicle. Check it out.