It has been said that Free Enterprise and Democracy will be made real when high demand World Improvement Products are not allowed to be suppressed by the monopolies. Feature now a world where a “fuel free motor” is allowed into the marketplace. As you look out the window of your house, apartment, condo or cardboard box, what dramatically different kind of world would it be? Are we headed for a major Paradigm Shift in our reality and perception?

Feature the effect on food prices around the world if truckers did not have to fuel up.  Feature the effect of improving our environment as we use motors with NO EXHAUST.  Feature a world where the military industrial complex was not trying to take over countries for oil, all the lives saved. Feature a world where oil spills are no longer drowning coastal waters. Feature a world where the rainforests do not have to be cut down for firewood. Feature a world where residents of northern states can afford to buy food and medicine from money saved on heating oil needed to survive the cold winters. Feature a world where population is not a problem because people are allowed to get off the grid and move into the abundant empty land spaces.

It is popularly held that regular hydrogen gas, made from water, produces approximately three times as much energy as gasoline.  However, there is a new, more powerful technology that runs on the ingredients of sea water. This new process is based on the explosion of hydrogen and chlorine by light. It yields a surprisingly greater amount of energy than regular Hydrogen.  On the basis of an equal weight of fuel, the new hydrogen-chlorine process produces 14 times more motion energy than gasoline.  This is the highest energy output of any known process other than nuclear reactions.  This figure was determined by several independent laboratories including H.P. White Laboratory of Belair, MD.

Allow me to introduce the Robert Scragg Solar Reactor Engine. This Paradigm Shift motor does not have an exhaust and does not have to be refueled.

The Robert Scragg Solar Reactor Engine has been demonstrated on a wide variety of internal combustion engines and turbines.  The technology was documented and featured in Nation’s Business magazine, and also documented by Champion spark plug company who even made spark plugs (just for this unique motor) that would fire light rather than spark.

Is it possible to use the energy of light rather than the energy of heat?  Can you imagine a fuel that does not “burn”?  Can you imagine a fuel that gives off it’s energy by changing form when exposed to light?  Other than our green electric cars, can you imagine a car with no exhaust? The Robert Scragg solar reactor engine uses no fuel other than light to fire a chemical reaction in a closed cycle.  To understand what a closed cycle motor is, we need to look at the word “exhaust.”  Nothing is really exhausted, it just changes form.  With the Robert Scragg engine, hydrogen and chlorine gas are exploded with light, and they break apart, remix, and explode again over and over without any internal energy loss in what is described as a “limited chain reaction”.

This photochemical reaction (shining a light to make the explosion) conveniently allows for the motor to be timed by bursts of light.  The fuel is not used up, it does not go anywhere, there is no “exhaust”,  it is a closed cycle system. Several patents exist describing the process. Though well documented the original breakthrough was not allowed to actually breakthrough, and now the patent numbers are expired and the technology is available to be redeveloped for the public. This technology could dramatically change the world as we know it! Get involved and help us develop this technology for the public!

The patent numbers are: 6,000,214 / 4,374,288 / 4,426,354 / 4,175,381 / 4,070,861 / 4,026,112 / 4,024,715  &  3,988,205.

More free energy motors that work on light!

The Joseph Papp motor does not need to be refueled.  It is a closed cycle system that has no exhaust. Noble gases similar to those in some neon lights and other light bulbs are sealed into the combustion chambers.  Light expands the noble gases in the combustion chamber which moves the pistons in the motor. This is paradigm shift breakthrough technology that has been independently documented.  The astounding reaction is made possible with light!  Amazingly, closed cycle engines do not need to breathe and have no exhaust and can go underwater or into space where there is no air. Look for our article in the next issue of the World Improvement News , titled:  “The Joseph Papp Motor Needs No Fuel”.

W.I.N. is here to educate by demonstrating that there is room for change.  Fear of change or of a collapsing economy because of a new type of vehicle or medical technology is only a tactic against the power of of public renaissance.  We have been running our cars basically the same since their invention!  Can you imagine declining to trade your electric typewriter for a new version of your computer?  Why are we operating this way in the auto industry?  Money. Can you imagine what we could do with the resources we outsource to fund both sides of a war over oil?
Pastor Dave Speaks Out
The Truth about Seawater


Human blood salts similar to the
composition of seawater

Interestingly, the proportion of minerals and salts in human tissue is very similar to the composition of seawater. Also the human body is composed of the approximate same amount of water as the Earth itself.

This is clearly poetic. The universe around us is full of evidence of elegant and poetic design. Why is humankind, by large, unwilling to honor or acknowledge “in the face” evidence that we are one with our planet?

In many of the most important areas humans often seem unable to see the nose in front of their face. For instance we give trees carbon dioxide which we breathe out and they give us oxygen which we breathe back in. Poetic, and an important partnership one would think! Yet as a public we seem to allow special interests to divide and conquer our minds causing us to give up our notions of being actively connected with nature for one reason or another. 

Rainforests create one half of the oxygen on Earth for people to breathe but after years of talk nothing has been done to effectively stop their wholesale destruction. You would think we would want  some oxygen in our air so that we do not die, even if we do not care that the rainforests have two thirds of the species of life on Earth and that they make one fourth of the Earth’s fresh water.

According to Nobel Prize winner Dr Otto Warburg when the oxygen in the blood drops beneath 35% for 48 hours it becomes succeptible to cancer. We also know that this low oxygen condition allows parasites, viruses and bacteria to take over. This is because these invaders are killed by oxygen, they are anaerobic not aerobic. Recent research showed that when the oxygen levels in sea water drops the same amount (due to oil spills or global warming death of plankton) we are told that the ocean becomes dead to normal sea bearing life.  How can we escape the poetic parallels?


Is the primary reason why we are unable to accept our one-ness with nature due to “divide and conquer” special interests working round the clock to make putty out of our minds with false political, philosophical, scientific, and religious notions?  Let us examine this.

Religion does not want you to say technology. Technology does not want you to say religion. Too often conservative religion wishes to keep life more abundant off the Earth relegated to a far away Heaven only. In fact people are sold on potentially self fulfilling notions of Armageddon or 2012 deadlines.  The Rockefeller backed Manhattan Institute makes books that people would otherwise not buy, teaching misanthropic notions such as Malthusian thinking regarding how war and disease thin out the over-population which is supposed to be a problem.  Is it?

If free energy were allowed onto the market people would be able to move into the open uninhabited areas of the world rather than be forcefully stuck in population centers like sardines in a can all addicted and plugged in at the neck to the monopolist power grid. In these population centers we call cities, the value of human beings is much less than the value of dirt. Good luck sleeping on a park bench. The value of power and fuel goes up while the value of humans goes down. You could’nt sell your eyeball for five bucks. It would of course cost you a hundred thousand dollars to buy an eyeball in the hospital.  Where is the Heaven?

Too often new-age and alternative philosophies wish to avoid the term Heaven at all.  Any way you look at it, the historic Jesus is almost all by himself dreaming of a Heaven on the Earth. It was Jesus that said let the model prayer contain “...thy Kingdom Come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven”.

Of course if Jesus came around these days he would likely be falsely called a Secular Humanist or a Universalist or a New Age Hippie. This is because Jesus believed that God made everything in nature, that the Devil didn’t create anything. There are some who seem to think that God’s magnificent creation can be replaced with prozac, viagra and twinkies. The monopolies are hooligans with a “patent it or kill it” philosophy.

All the three letter agencies including the FDA and the FTC and the DOE and the FBI  and the CIA and the IRS  can try their best to be GOD but they simply are NOT. Try as they might they can not make a tree. Is the FDA and the FTC really doing hired hand work for the drug companies to help suppress and or eradicate competing natural answers put here by God? Yes, and it is  tantamount to spitting in God’s face.

Even evolutionists will not admit to the fact that life can not have developed accidentally and by adaptation. Scientists already admit that there had to have been intelligent design from somewhere, even if things were evolving. People are like two ants caught in a struggle where both jaws are locked to the death and won’t let go. Christians say that God is a man, yea high with a particular robe and a beard. New agers say that God is Mother Earth, a woman.  It is a mistake to play God ourselves by insisting that God has this shape or that or to continue to ignore that the intelligent design of creation is a mysterious but wondrous form of God mind.


Solar Reactor Corporation, a Miami based energy research and development company showed that the ingredients of seawater, hydrogen and chlorine can be combusted in a limited chain reaction, fired by light. The technology does not require refueling! The Hydrogen and Chlorine explode, remix, explode and remix over and over with no exhaust and no need for added fuel.

This is a new and more powerful Hydrogen process that produces 14 times more motion energy than gasoline. This is the highest energy output of any known process other than nuclear!

This technology was featured in Nation’s business magazine and demonstrated on all types of motors before it was bought out and silenced in the monopoly controlled market place. You can read more about this unique free energy breakthrough in the World Improvement News, in the article entitled, “Sea Water gives unlimited free power for humankind!”
While billion dollar energy companies suppress free energy, otherwise uneducated and unfunded hillbillies and poor workers around America keep proving they can run a car motor entirely on water.  The electrolyzer is even a very unsophisticated low technology and it still runs the car for a while. Using more sophisticated technology it is easy to run the car entirely on water rather than bloody oil and gas products.