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The Truth about Magnetic Motors
Magnetic Motors

Magnetic Motors use magnetism as fuel

The Magnetic Motor rotates using a clever manipulation of it's own magnetic fields.  Once started, it runs until it is stopped or something breaks.  The theory behind this doesn't violate the laws of thermo-dynamics because the magnets are a consistent source of power. This is not perpetual motion. It is simply an engine that uses magnetism as a source of fuel. Many have built more simplified versions of permanent magnet engines and they work fine.

The problem is that patents on various manifestations of magnetic engines prevent unauthorized people from making and selling them.  The patent owners aren't making commercial versions because they've been bought out by Big Oil or one of their associates. You can make a variation and patent it too but you need a working model to get bought out too!

Patents don't stop anyone from building one for their own use. What we really need is lots of people building them and even giving them away.  This is real revolution!
This machine is fun to watch!  It appears that the cams pull the magnets back from the opposing magnets on the wheel just at the right time so that there is not a need to shield them or position them to avoid the common problem that what will push will also pull.
This uniquely configured rotating machine generates additional torque on the shaft when rotated through the magnetic field. Combined electrical/heat output exceeds input energy by over 40 percent.
Harness the power of magnets to create perpetural motion which powers engines for 400 years.