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The Truth about Energy and Health
Welcome to my site, I'm Pastor Dave, and there are some very important things you need to know. 

The first truth is... You can run your car on water.  Watch this video from Fox News.  It can be done.  Why are we not doing it?

As a patriotic citizen, I'm speaking out!  Our own Military Industrialists are keeping it to themselves. 
This is technology needed desperately to stop global warming and the incredible drain on precious resources.  They are using it on Hummers for their stupid wars, while restricting it from us for peaceful use.

Enough of this ridiculous behavior from the elitist richest few.  We voted for change, now we demand action! Patriot Americans in our military want this technology on the average American's cars.  Put it in next year's Ford!  Make kits to retrofit all prior models. What is so hard to understand? This is patented and demonstrated technology already being applied on Hummers!

We, the people, demand the use of this already proven technology for our use, NOW!
This page was last updated: August 13, 2012
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