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Let there be light! And when lightening struck Ozone (O3) was created.  The ozone molecule is Oxygen, Oxygen, Oxygen...  And it was good.

Oxygen is not something that God reaches out from Heaven and replaces on this planet with the simple wave of a hand, is it?  The answer is yes if you define the wave of the hand as the photosynthesis from the trees and vegetation. Rainforests and Ocean plankton provide the majority of the oxygen on Earth.  However, the rainforests are being slashed and burned and global warming is killing the ocean plankton.

The Amazon forests alone, just one hundred years ago, provided over one third of this planet’s global oxygen. Today, through deforestation, motivated primarily because the poor can not afford the price of fuel and by greedy loggers and by the greed of hamburger cow ranchers, the Amazon basin is struggling to make three-sixteenths of our global oxygen. The ramifications for life on this planet are severe.  A large study has found that up to one half of all plants and animal species on dry land could face extinction by the year 2050 due to global warming. According to the World Resources Institute, 100 species die each day due to tropical deforestation.

Read our special report, “The Vaporization Coverup” and “The Coal Coverup” and learn how we are putting millions of barrels of oil and tons of carbon in the sky causing a greenhouse layer which is overwarming the planet and read our special report, “The Ozone Coverup” and learn how there is less and less oxygen to clean up the carbon.
Hearts Miraculously Regrow Themselves!

Stem cells are natural.  They are wonderous God given miracles that will regenerate and repair tissue and organs in your body.  Stem cells have been slandered by big Pharma and conservative Christianity by claiming that they have to come from embryos.  In fact, stem cells can come from adult bone marrow, adult fat cells, adult tissue, and other tissue! 

God has provided you with a natural source of stem cells to heal your body.  These stem cells are located in your body right now.  The below article remarkably demonstrates how that even in a diseased, weak heart enough stem cells can be found to regrow the heart new again! 

It is time for a paradigm shift away from a disease and death industry toward a life and wellness industry.  Cures for diseases exist that can stop the tragic suffering and death of our Mothers and Fathers as they waste away in front of our eyes.  This is especially tragic to see when we know there are cures and that we are next.

ScienceDaily (Nov. 21, 2010)
Cardiac stem cells — even in elderly and sick patients — could generate new heart muscle and vessel tissue and be used to treat heart failure, according to research presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2010.

Scientists surgically removed tissue from the muscular wall of the heart’s chambers in 21 patients.  They then isolated and multiplied the cardiac stem cells (CSCs) found there.  Most of the patients had ischemic cardiomyopathy (enlarged and weakened muscle due to coronary artery disease). Eleven also had diabetes.  The average age of patients was about 65.

“Regardless of the gender or age of the patient, or of diabetes, we were able to isolate in all of them a pool of functional cardiac stem cells that we can potentially use to rescue the decompensated human heart,” said Domenico D’Amario, M.D., Ph.D., author of the study and a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Regenerative Medicine at Harvard, Boston, Mass.

Among the 12 female and nine male patients, researchers obtained 20 percent more CSCs from the hearts of the women than the men. Age or diabetes status didn’t affect the number of cells harvested.

Women have a longer life span than men, and even with heart failure their hearts generally show more resilience — possibly explaining the researchers’ finding, D’Amario said.

The researchers also examined stem cells’ biological properties that would influence their therapeutic value. They found that cells had long telomeres, or “caps,” on their chromosomal ends indicating that expanded CSCs retained a significant growth reserve, although less so in older or diabetic patients.

On the same study, scientists also studied activation of a cell surface marker, insulin growth factor receptor 1 (IGF-1R), which recognizes stem cells that are most likely to thrive and have the potential to produce new cardiac tissue.

“Now you have a resident cardiac stem cell that is already programmed to form cardiac muscle, so this cell is already superior to any other cell you can take from other tissues,” said Piero Anversa, M.D., senior author of the study and director of the Center for Regenerative Medicine.

CSCs are distributed throughout the cardiac muscle, but the atrial and apical regions of the heart contain niches, where the cells are protected from the physical stress of the heartbeat.

The heart’s CSC reserve is present regardless of patient differences in ethnicity, background, diet and other factors. Research in more patients is needed to bolster the strength of the data, Anversa said.

Other co-authors are: Konrad Urbanek, M.D.; Toru Hosoda, M.D., Ph.D.; Hanqiao Zheng, M.D.; Annarosa Leri, M.D.; Erik Sylvin, M.D.; David D’Alessandro, M.D.; Robert E. Michler, M.D.; Jan Kajstura, Ph.D.; Filippo Crea, M.D.; Roberto Bolli, M.D.; Piero Anversa, M.D.

Editor’s Note:  This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Theraputic Medicinal Oils
Blood of the Plant

Essential Oils are the blood of plants. They carry frequencies through every tissue of your body with such success! You can look up any ailment to reference natural treatments.  Plus, they smell like heaven on earth. Use them as antibacterial and anti-fungal agents, antidepressants, muscle relaxers, cortisol blockers, for purification, children, skin care, healing, flavoring, and overall strengthening of the body’s systems.  These are the BEST!

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Collodial Silver

Slippers and pillows now have ionic silver compounds incorporated into the fabric to prevent odor-causing bacteria. Containers for food storage are now being impregnated with ionic silver releasing compounds to prevent bacterial growth that contributes to spoilage. Writing pens, bath mats, cutting boards, and door knobs are being coated with silver compounds to prevent bacteria from being spread.

Microbecide™ incorporates ionic silver technology for diverse use in personal, professional, commercial and industrial applications. Other areas of use include food contact surfaces, clinical work surfaces, medical wipes and water treatment applications.

Colloidal Silver spray may offer scar-free healing!  Check out the link below (it is thought that colloidal silver spray activates stem cells). 

*Note: Watch the short video about beluga whales and see the man who had no scarring after loosing his facial skin.  It grew back in 12 days!

The Truth About Health

Big Medicine, along with Big Pharma and Big Government have colluded to keep you sick and keep you paying.  There are alternatives to Big Medicine, just read some of the articles here to see what greater choices you have than those crammed down your throat by Big Pharma.

Why suppress something that could benefit everyone? How about… because there is no money in it. Coverups and suppression of energy and healing technologies help keep the balance of power and money stable. The powers that run and control the drug companies and energy companies carry a huge influence on the political landscape. That power and money is threatened by cheaper and more efficient ways to produce energy or cure diseases.

Does it make sense that drug companies who record billions of dollars in profits would like to suppress any information about a natural cure that is being reported to do the same thing the drug does but cheaper and more naturally? They are attempting to keep their profit margins. And here in the US, we pay more for our prescription drugs than anybody else in the world. The top 20 Big Pharma companies account for over $500 billion in annual revenue.

Might they not want to spend some of that money in the political arena to help manipulate the system towards their advantage? Do you think they might even spend millions of dollars each year on shamefully discrediting doctors and professionals who report favorably on natural and herbalistic cures. Might the FDA be slightly influenced by the monetary influence the drug companies have on their bottom line. If cheap cures were to flood the market… how much money, power and influence might the FDA stand to lose?

Conspiracy Theories? Sounds more like cutthroat business tendencies… why should we be surprised that the truth about these technologies is being covered up and suppressed. If these technologies work… why isn’t somebody in the mainstream media reporting about it? Wait a minute… who owns the media? Surely somebody is. Might they not also be motivated by profits? Think they might be a little dependent on the  billions of advertising dollars spent each year by the energy and drug companies?

Seems like it makes just a little bit too much sense when you just follow the money. Here at WIN we aren’t concerned about making any money… we just like to take notice of the massive influence money has over the flow of knowledge.

Its time somebody came to uncover the truth. The truth that free energy technologies and cheap health technologies exist. Companies who develop these technologies and attempt to bring them to market are met with opposition from the companies who stand to lose a lot of money if these ideas are brought to mainstream society. 

Truth is hard to believe sometimes, and at other times, it just makes too much sense. Truth is… coverup and suppression of technology happens all the time in order to keep society stuck in a addicted and dependent state so that the flow of the money keeps its current course.  We are here to set the truth free.
"Conspiracy Theories?  Sounds more like cutthroat business tendencies…"
"Walk On" sung by Pastor Dave
Order our report; “How to save the Rainforests”.  The World Improvement Network invites you to join in saving the rainforests (and with them two thirds of the species of life on this planet) by supporting the free energy paradigm shift.  You will still have to buy your car but it will run on water.  Come on does that seem so bad?