A test tube filled with salt water, with a paper towel inserted for a wick, burns when exposed to radio frequencies from John Kanzius' machine.
Pastor Dave Speaks Out
The Truth about Energy
We are bringing in the paradigm shift.

There is a secret key to ushering in this life or death change toward heaven or hell on earth.  The bible refers to secret combinations.  One such secret that now needs to be made public is that technology has entered a non-mechanical transition.

The monopolists have complex thorough world-wide machinery designed to keep breakthroughs from actually breaking through.  The inventor featured below has made his information open source!  However, if no one cares to make these devices, and if no one is allowed to introduce them to the market, then how will we ever get off the power grid? 

The right answer is exemplified by The World Improvement Network bids to develop and give the technology away.

On his Website, Dan Nocera presents the technology he’s developed that will handle virtually all of the world’s foreseeable energy needs.  MIT owns the patent to Nocera’s hydrogen splitter but the technology is “open source” and scientists are invited to come up with as many useful applications for it as possible.

According to Nocera, in the future individuals will essentially produce all of their own energy needs; to power their cars, to heat/cool their homes, etc., using just water and sunlight plus a tank with which to store hydrogen. This is what he means by “Personalized Energy.”

Gone will be the gas station.  Gone will be the fighting of senseless wars to control outmoded, toxic fuels from other countries, the burning of coal to create electricity for a mass power grid, the cyber wars and EMP attacks against the power grids.  Gone will be the power grid, itself.

In his words, the future “Is really not that bad.”

"His Love Is Strong" by Pastor Dave
Life More Abundant, Now!
From the historic soap box oratory of the worlds greatest speakers to the projections of Shakespeare mankind has dreamed of a better life. Since the earliest historic writings of philosophers and poets to academia psychologists men and women have imagined love made real and life more abundant.  The historic Jesus spoke powerfully about the subject of life more abundant. Unfortunately, in a world filled with the hubbub of too much cheap talk, the definition of Life More Abundant has been changed to only apply "after you die".

But this is not what Jesus wanted. He asked for you to work for life more abundant NOW.  To quote his ideal of a model prayer, The Lord's Prayer...   "Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, ON EARTH as it is in Heaven."  The time has come for a bold preacher to step forth with powerful words coming from his mouth about life more abundant in our time.  A preacher with a suppressed Bedini fuel free motor in one hand and a cure for cancer in the other.
Pastor Dave


When we look at the hemoglobin molecule and compare it side by side to the chlorophyl molecule we are shocked to see that they are visually the same except that iron is in the center of the blood molecule where magnesium is in the center of the chlorophyl molecule.

This is a dramatic and poetic example of humankind’s connection with nature. Drinking Chlorophyl offers up miraculous healing benefits. Some say it is equal to a blood transfusion, other studies have shown conclusively that chlorophyll has very powerful anti-cancer properties. Chlorophyll rich wheat grass has been shown to contain a component that actually repairs DNA! The ocean is also full of chlorophyll plants. Chlorella, found in the ocean, is a chlorophyll-rich algae known to help the body remove harmful substances like heavy metals, dioxins and pesticides.

This is an obvious benefit because some of these substances are causing the damage in the first place.  Numerous new studies have found that chlorella helps our DNA repair itself! This is quite remarkable and stands to help reverse some of the ravages of aging and disease. Sea weed itself cures many ailments for a variety of reasons including the natural iodine that speeds up our metabolism in an age characterized by slow metabolism conditions such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease.  Recently, biologists at Tufts University’s School of Arts and Sciences have discovered that sea water or salt water can be used to initiate a regenerative response after severe injury.

Believe it or not they found a way to regenerate injured spinal cord and muscle. By using a “pharmaceutical cocktail” sodium ions are introduced to regenerate spinal cords and regrow limbs (according to Ai-Sun Tseng and Michael Levin at Tufts University). This is without the controversy of genetic technology and without stem cell technology both of which have already been shown to regenerate tissue and completely reverse and cure disease.

I am sure that the late Christopher Reeve would be proud. He spent the last part of his life, from his wheel chair, looking for a technology that would regrow spinal cords, but to no avail. For those of you that are not familiar he was the fine actor who played Superman until he was thrown head first from a horse and paralyzed from the neck down.  World changing energy answers and cures for diseases are found in the ocean and in the rainforests and even in your own body.

Why can’t we accept that it is natural to take your own NATURAL adult stem cells from your own body and reinsert them to regrow and heal any and all diseased areas? If humankind is distanced from nature you would think that we would at least accept miracles which are found in our own bodies.

We seriously need to get connected with natural answers and with life more abundant and get disconnected from death, hell, and the grave. No doubt this will require a willingness to look at the monopoly of a disease industry and an energy problem industry as the blockade for free or cheap energy and the blockade for cures for disease. In the end however, change is made by being “for something” not by being “against” things.

Remember, if you have a urination contest with a skunk you will both wind up stinking and if you choose to wrestle with a pig you will both wind up muddy. However, if you simply introduce cures for disease and energy answers you change the world.

Even evolutionists will not admit to the fact that life can not have developed accidentally and by adaptation. Scientists already admit that there had to have been intelligent design from somewhere, even if things were evolving. People are like two ants caught in a struggle where both jaws are locked to the death and won’t let go. Christians say that God is a man, yea high with a particular robe and a beard. New agers say that God is Mother Earth, a woman.  It is a mistake to play God ourselves by insisting that God has this shape or that or to continue to ignore that the intelligent design of creation is a mysterious but wondrous form of God mind.


Let us examine more divide and conquer thinking.  It would appear that monopoly controlled science does not want to admit to free energy and that politics would rather have war over oil than to run cars on water...  and who is behind the suppression of cures for disease?  Let us review the facts; It is a disease industry not a health industry.  In this disease industry the FDA has made the use of the word “Cures” illegal. Why?

The word “Cure” is the biggest threat to a Big Pharma Monopoly.  It turns out that the FDA even makes it virtually illegal for Mothers and Fathers to hand down information on herbs that heal their own children. While kept out of the main media the FDA conducts what Judges have called “Terrorist Raids” on vitamin stores, internet business, and alternative Doctors...  basically anyone who sells natural cures that will hurt the sales of Big Pharma and their partners the Oil Companies.

What? Did you say Big Pharma is partners with Big Oil? Yes! Oil companies and drug companies are partners, joined at the hip, and dedicated to wiping out their mutual competition. Who is their competition? Buckle up for this one...  the enemy is nature.  Natural cures abound and natural energy answers abound

Big Pharma, a name for monopolist drug companies, is the largest money maker on Wall Street.  It so happens that  the majority of their medicines are synthetically made from Oil.  Synthetic drugs can be patented which gives the drug companies the ability to own them.  They can not own nature, and they are not supposed to be able to patent it.  Nature is their competition, so they try to wipe it out.  The FDA and the FTC go around together like hired hooligans raiding innocent businesses on behalf of the drug-oil cartel.

They tell the orange growers not to talk about the health benefits of oranges, they threaten to steal all the cherries if the cherry manufacturers quote a study saying that cherries help heal arthritis. Are they in a “patent it or kill it” monopoly war against Nature?  Yes. Of course monopoly 101 would tell us that innovation and free enterprise are not allowed into their game.

In their game, there is no “free market” and there is no free “supply-demand” economics.  The world longs for (demands) free energy and cures for disease.  However, many inventors are bought off or suppressed, thus illegally eliminating the “supply”.  So much for free enterprise or a free marketplace.  So how do you change the world? Frankly, not by arguing or blaming or being against the problem but by bypassing the problem and directly offering the solutions, such as cures for diseases and paradigm shift energy answers.
John Kanzius, while looking for cancer cures, discovered free energy.  He lit salt water on fire(!) using microwaves to make the hydrogen.

Drug companies are not supposed to be able to patent natural things pretending they are the inventors of things that are invented by God.  Recently, a controversial patent was granted to Geron wherein chemicals extracted from the Astragalus herb were shown to reverse aging by regrowing telomeres on the end of the chromosome. 

It is claimed that Geron has healthy cells in petri dishes that do not age or die.  In the past only Cancer cells did not die. Religion has not been opposed to death but having healthy cells that don’t die is very controversial, we just can’t have that!?  With little likelihood of getting it on the market, in a disease driven industry, the promise of a fountain of youth drug was still so inviting that drug companies must have paid off the patent office to break the rules and patent nature.

Why is life so disposable on Earth and why is suffering so easy to rationalize away?  Immersed in television violence and our brains sotted with beer, caffeine and sugar water, we are quick to join groups of Lemings. For instance; it is too easy to be happy as a Remocrat or Depublican while completely ignoring the obligation to trade foreign debt for the protection of the rainforests or to demand the introduction of cures for diseases or cheap sustainable energy.

We are quick to join the crowd where we can all ignore the big issues together like that makes it better. We are too quick to become conservatives who do not conserve anything or liberals who do not liberate anything, all this while Rome is burning. Why is Buddism and Hinduism so quick to act like the Earth is temporary and meaningless, but worse why are so many Christians so quick to give up the Earth?

Many Christians are convinced that Satan is the Prince of the Earth, yet the whole notion of Jesus having arrived was to start a new covenant and to take the keys of hell away from the devil, meaning that we are supposed to be working toward Heaven on Earth if we want to get Heaven later. 

Unfortunately, most all ways of thinking seem to have been usurped by the divide and conquer Monopolies. While they tell you to postpone justice and Heaven until later they have their dirty dollar grubbing hands in your pockets today. How are we to think for ourselves? The bottom line may be so simple as to say that if something is lifting up your quality of life and standard of living it should be called a Culture and if something is holding you down and depriving you of your potential it should be called a cult.

A newly discovered source of alternative energy "Magnet Power"
by Rasaviharii Brother on Tuesday, May 24, 2011 at 11:27am

What is a Magnet Powered Generator, and how does it work?

In the year 2008, an incredible discovery was made which radically changed our views on the way energy can be created.  An article was submitted to Nature Magazine in August of 2008, and was finally published in March of 2009 (please see link below).


The article was submitted by the joint effort by researchers in both USA and Japan. The heads of this research were Pham Nam Hai, Shinobu Ohya, and Masaaki Tanaka from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems at The University of Tokyo; Stewart E. Barnes from the Physics Department at the University of Miami; and Sadamichi Maekawa from the Institute for Materials Research at Tohoku University.  Currently this technology is being explored for potential use in a new type of computer memory called “MRAM” also known as “spintronics”.  However, the most important development of this article is that it calls for a new type of “spin battery” as a theoretical new source of energy which could be implemented in electric cars and homes.

This same "spin battery" which the scientist have predicted as being "theoretically possible" has already be made by our small team of researchers.  We are calling it simply, "Magnet Power" because the energy is coming from the magnets. It is similar to how the energy for "Solar Power" comes from the sun, and the energy for "Wind Power" comes from the wind. In the past it has been considered impossible to get energy from magnets, but now thanks to our new understanding of quantum mechanics, the impossible has become possible. The scientific name for how to extract energy from a magnet is called "tunnel magnetoresistance".


Here is a brief summary of how this newly-discovered source of alternative energy works...

Generally, inside a normal generator, electricity (EMF - Electro Motive Force) is created due to the movement of a magnet past a conducting material.  However, this same EMF may be created inside a stationary magnet due to changes in the spin of the electrons inside the atoms themselves.  When two magnets are set up at a 90 degree angle from each other, they can be tuned to resonate together with certain pulses of energy (similar to the way two guitar strings may be tuned to each other). Since the waves of electricity and the waves of magnetism travel at 90 degree from each other in the electromagnetic spectrum, the separation of these two fields results in a “quantum tunneling” effect. Quantum Tunneling is not a new discovery, in fact it has been used for various medical equipment for many years. However, the ability to control this quantum tunneling effect in a way which can provide a practical source of energy is a very new discovery.

This is a brief description of how such a device will work inside your house...

The Magnet Powered Generator functions basically the same way as solar panels work. It can either charge up a set of batteries and these batteries can supply electricity through an inverter for your own "off grid" needs, or you can buy a special "grid tie inverter" which enables you to sell electricity back into the grid (wherever it may apply). The main difference between a Magnet Powered Generator and solar panels is that the Magnet Powered Generator is much smaller and it supplies energy 24 hours a day. This will reduce the need for a large expensive battery bank for those who wish to live off the grid.

This is a brief description of how such a device works inside your car...

The Magnet Powered Generator works basically as a portable battery charger. When placed in the trunk of your electric car, it will continue charging your car batteries as you drive your car, or even while your car is parked. This will greatly increase the life of the batteries. The size of the Magnet Powered Generator will determine how far you can drive your car on one charge. For example: if an electric car with a small Magnet Powered Generator can travel 500 miles on one charge, an electric car with a larger Magnet Powered Generator can travel up to 1,000 miles on one charge. And in order to charge the batteries, one only needs to stop driving for a few hours to let the Generator charge up the batteries. Quicker charge may also be possible with plug in options. But considering the distance the Magnet Powered Car can travel on one charge, the need to ever stop and plug it in would hardly ever happen. In fact, it would be quite the opposite. Instead of the need to plug your car into your house to draw energy from the grid, you could in fact plug your house into your car and send energy into the grid. The main advantage of this again is that it reduces the need for the large expensive Lithium battery packs that makes electric cars so expensive.

A brief description of where this technology is at...

The technology is now fully developed and ready for manufacture. Currently we are in the process of setting various groups up to manufacture these Magnet Powered Generators. We invite anyone to come learn how to manufacture it themselves. The more local manufacturing units we can set up, the quicker this technology will spread and help this planet overcome its dependency on fossil fuels.
Let us get rid of collective guilt everyone!

You did not genocide the Indians, you did not enslave Africans, and you are not willingly genociding the brown skinned populations of the Middle East. However, Free Energy is your new way to make change. Malthusian thinking, that war and disease thins out the population is like worshiping death! You can give every citizen of the world an acre of land in Texas.  Not that this is a good idea, it is just a figure which proves that there is a lot of land.  When you fly over the country in an airplane you travel forever before you come to a town. Millions upon millions of acres of empty land. With Free Energy people become precious rather than fuel. They can move into the mountains and the prairies, and even into the deserts and the antiquated oil drilling rigs can be used to drill for water in the deserts to turn them into paradise. The need for war will vanish and a peoples space program will call for even more people to be born to explore the infinite planets in space. The massive oceans will even be liveable with free energy.

The PetroCharger, a unique high mileage device.  This demonstrates technology for running on vapor.  Liquid does not burn, only vapor burns.